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The women's section includes a sick bed and a vip room and a private room. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Imam Zaman Hospital, is committed to providing services to well-known patients, utilizing modern equipment as well as the knowledge of the day and the presence of experienced physicians and staff, and is working to improve the level of care of this group of patients. The maternity block has been established with the aim of providing special care and care during pregnancy and lactation education, providing a wide range of services to clients, and providing LDR rooms with safe and comfortable space for the normal delivery of pregnant mothers. . In this section, the mother and the baby are given a strong heartbeat by allowing their spouse to be present during normal delivery. All stages of normal delivery in this section are carried out by experienced staff and experienced midwives at all times. This special care will make the mother and the baby have a pleasant and memorable experience during the childbirth process and thereafter

Since the birth of each baby is considered to be of great importance in the life of each family, Imam Hospital has the necessary facilities for this matter.