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Guide and procedures

Please consider the following points:

Performing treatment is a professional job which makes the patient take the physician choice and place of treatment into consideration in order to achieve a suitable treatment.

Making your decision to choose us as the company to take over your treatment, inform us in writing via fax or e-mail through our reception section (contact us) so we can consider your request, arrange medical procedure timetable and advise you on the required pre-therapeutic measures.

You can start your contact by going to enquiry.

1 Patients' admission through the hospital site

1) The patient should upload all the medical records on the hospital site.

2) The patient should visit the site within a week and request a follow-up code of treatment and payment.

3) If agreed and decided on treatment at this center, the patient must follow the legal procedures for obtaining a T visa.

4) After admission to the hospital, the patient may go through the diagnostic stages of the disease again.

5) Expenses declared may differ in value in terms of declared costs.

6) The hospital representative, as your treatment supervisor, will be present from the moment you step in Iran and will pursue your treatment procedure in the medical center and will help communicate the required information between you and your physician and will keep records of treatment events during the treatment period which will finally be at your disposal in the form of an electronic medical records. You should pay 70% of the cost of treatment at the time of admission4



Accepting patients through health tourism companies:

1) The patient should go to the hospital with a photographic letter of introduction with the stamp of the company concerned along with the passport.

2) The patient must go through all the stages of diagnosis and treatment by a physician.

3) The patient should refrain from paying money to all persons and persons except the hospital fund and make payments within the defined hospital framework.

4) If you wish to extend your treatment visa only with the consent of your treating physician, the hospital is not responsible for this, although there is ultimately good cooperation from the International Patient Admission Unit.

We thank you for the choice you have made and we insure you that we have considered all domestic and international legal tactics to make your effective treatment within reach, so that you can only concentrate on your full recovery


Please consider the following points:Performing treatment i..