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The cost of receiving high medical care in Iran is much lower than in similar countries Specialist and sub-specialist in all areas of medicine, using up-to-date equipment and world's top brands, are similar to those of European countries, while the cost of these services in Iran is significantly lower than in Europe and the United States. Imam Zaman Hospital started in 1360 to provide advanced health care and care services. The hospital has 180 active beds, including private rooms, vip and public areas, and special beds, including specialist and specialized specialty heart, eye, orthopedic, domestic and dental clinics active in all specialized fields in a land area At the service of the pilgrims and adjacent to Hazrat Raza. Imam Zaman Hospital is one of the first hospitals with international patient department (IPD) from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and is one of the most equipped hospitals in the city for health services. . For costs,of treatment at Imam Zaman hospital you can ask the IPD expert for the approximate cost before visiting the hospital...

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Advanced surgeries include: cardiac surgery (angiography, angioplasty, open heart surgery) and eye surgery, orthopedy, urology, gynecology and cosmetic surgeries- General Surgery - Maternity Delivery 1 (Natural Delivery) - Maternity Maternity 2 (Caesarean section)- Women's Surgery (Gynecology) Specialized clinic and sub-Specialized clincs include: General surgery Clinic - Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic - Orthopedic Clinic - Internal Clinic - Dental Clinic - ENT Clinic - Pediatric Clinic - Neurological Clinic - Eye Clinic - - Physiotherapy Clinic - Optician Clinic - Urology - Audiology - Midwifery - Serum - Dressing Also laboratories, imaging and ultrasound: mammography- opg- sonography , ophthalmology


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Surgery wards: Cath Lab ,, Open Cardiac Surgery Room,,Angiography Special Sections: CCU , ICU ,ICU-OH ,NICU, POST CCU, emergency Inpatient Sections: Men's Ward, Women's Ward, Deliver Para clinics: Audiology, Laboratory, Physiotherapy, hemodialysis, Dentistry Imaging section: Radiology

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hospital of Emamzaman(as) of mashhad

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